Raindrops are like fairy whispers.
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"We’re already short-handed and here you’ve gone
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         N E V E R


                    ᖴᑌᑕKIᑎG    {    ɪᴅ ᴇ ᴀ            }

how      POWERFUL

                                            I͕͍̺̯͚̘ ̪̭̘̼̙̰̹ͅR̼̱̞̠̣̜͎̬̖̮̙̦̭̠̞̳ͅE͉̙͙̖̯͕͕A̩̭͖͉̰̜̤͎L̗͇̞͍͚̠̻̪̺̜̬̫L̤̻͓̬̦̙̥͈̬͍Y̩̪̬͇̫̤͈̫̗̱̰͓̤̼̼ ̥͙̭̱̘̥̹A̩̜̜̝̬̻̞M̙̞̪͈̦̖̪̲͕̠͓̩̲̺.̫͔̲̠͕̱̭͚̟̥̤͔


"Flawless? Not really. Just well practiced."Anneliese laughed softly, ducking her head slightly with a blush. She was used to people chattering about her work, but she still blushed when they praised her work. Kicking her legs slightly she plucked at the strings on her violin, biting her bottom lip.

"I started playing when I was…eight years old I believe. My father left on a military movement and my Oma started me on the violin to give me a way express my emotions. Military families aren’t the best at touchy feely moments.” Probably what lead to Anneliese becoming a reaper herself. If someone had just been able to talk to her father…

Rolling her neck she sighed softly and shook her head. “So I’ve been playing for well over five decades at least. Honestly I stopped counting how old I was in the Academy.” She spun her violin slightly. “I just focus on getting better with my music and my work. Hopefully one day I’ll be as good as the masters.”

Softly Alan smiled before his eyes fell upon the violin. Truly a beautiful instrument in Alan’s opinion. Gently he adjusted his glasses before loking at Anneliese for a second. Oh how silly, he’d been talking to her this whole time and he hadn’t even said his name. After hesitating for a second, the young man held out his delicate hand to shake.

"I’m Alan. Alan Humphries." He said softly. Introducing himself was always a little scary just because so many reapers knew who he was without knowing who he was. The reaper with the Thorns. Of course, he didn’t think anyone wanted to be known as that so Alan just tried to avoid it as often as possible. Anneliese seemed like the kind of person who wouldn’t bring it up if she knew, though. It was a terribly touchy subject with the little brunette.


William swallowed and frowned, not sure how to respond for the moment. He wet his lips and carefully said, “I… have looked into trying to find a cure… unfortunately, I turned up no useful results. You dying is… it is concerning-, no, it is rather frightening. Death gods are supposed to be immortal, and to have the knowledge one is going yto lose his life and there is nothing to be done…” The manager trailed off, slowly chewing on the inside of his lower lip as he looked away from Alan, not sure where he was going with this. Finally he said softly, with gaze still turned to the floor, “You are the last Reaper I’d want to see hurting, let alone dying. And I honestly have been unsure how to… respond… to any of this.”

Alan was quiet, listening to the supervisor. Honestly, he had always seemed so emotionless but Alan knew otherwise. Surely people had to show emotion some way or another whether it be in front of people or not. Alan had to admit that sometimes he worried about the older man. What if he kept his emotions bundled up all the time? What if he never talked about it? Of course, Alan wasn’t really one to intrude on things like that.

Eyes swimming with a certain fear, the little reaper exhaled shakily before he gripped the file in his hands without meaning to. He talked about the Thorns a lot but, surprisingly, he didn’t speak of death much. “It’s scary,” he said softly, sounding similar to that of a child. “I mean.. I.. I could drop dead at any moment and.. It boggles my mind. Why should an immortal being be able to die at the drop of a hat?”


"Ah a fan of the operas." Anneliese laughed softly, but not unkindly. "Quando men vo is a beautiful piece, only topped by a full performance with the right women singing it and the right people playing the music." While her accent slurred the name of the song her meaning was still clear. Settling again Anneliese closed her eyes and started to play for the other.

While Anneliese preferred playing her own pieces she couldn’t deny that the classic had a beauty she hadn’t reached yet. While she had pages filled with different compositions ranging from various genres that one could play with a violin she still didn’t feel like she had reached the same level as many who the human realm called genius.

With the final notes hanging in the air she settled her violin back into her lap and smiled up at him. “Hm, the solo version is as beautiful in this realm as in the human. For some reason I assume there’d be a difference.” Anneliese laughed again, but this time at herself. “What did you think? I’m always open to any criticism.”

"I’m a little jealous," he smiled before gently wrapping his arms around his middle. "I play violin but.. Nothing like that. Your playing is absolutely beautiful. Flawless, even." Of course, Alan imagined that Anneliese had been playing for much longer than he had but he still was a little jealous. He had been practicing since he was a teenager and he couldn’t get his music to sound that perfect.

Again, though, he specialized more in piano than he did on the violin. He loved playing the piano, he could play for hours and hours on end. As for the violin, he’d play for an hour every other day. Around something like that. Timidly, the little reaper sat down next to the woman and blinked up at her; a small smile still etched upon his delicate, almost feminine features.

"How long have you been playing?" He asked softly before crossing his legs and putting his hands in his lap. "Surely you’ve been playing for quite a while if you sound that good."